Saturday, June 7, 2008

Portugal vs Turkey

Euro 2008 has just began and in 1 hour and a bit the portuguese national team will play against the turkish. I'm preparing myself for the game and i believe we'll win.

"Guimarães is a city and municipality in northwestern Portugal in the province of Minho and in the district of Braga. As the first capital of Portugal, Guimarães is known as the place where the country was born - "The Cradle City". In 1095 Count Henry of Burgundy, who had married princess Teresa of León, establishes in Guimarães the 2nd County of Portugal (Condado Portucalense). In July 25, 1109 Afonso Henriques, son of Count Henry of Burgundy, is born in this same city. That is were Duke Afonso Henriques proclaimed Portuguese independence from the Kingdom of León, after the Battle of São Mamede, declaring himself to be Afonso I, king of Portugal. The Historic Centre of Guimarães was declared a World Heritage Site in 2001 by UNESCO, due to its Middle Age historical monuments." - in: wikipedia.

"Turkey is a Eurasian country that stretches across the Anatolian peninsula in western Asia and Thrace (Rumelia) in the Balkan region of southeaster Europe. Turkey borders eight countries: Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan (the exclave of Nakhichevan), Iran, Iraq and Syria. The Mediterranean Sea and Cyprus are to the south; the Aegean Sea and Archipelago are to the west; and the Black Sea is to the north. Separating Anatolia and Thrace are the Sea of Marmara and the Turkish Straits (the Bosporus and the Dardanelles), which are commonly reckoned to delineate the border between Asia and Europe, thereby making Turkey transcontinental.
Due to its strategic location astride two continents, Turkey's culture has a unique blend of Eastern and Western tradition." - in:

On this card we can see the Celsus Library, life in Anatolia, the Temple of Athena - Assos, Pamukkale, Istanbul, Cappadocia and Kursunlu Waterfall - Antalya.

The card was sent by Emel "darcy".

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