Friday, November 21, 2008

Birthday cards

My birthday is next sunday and today i've received a great envelope from Brazil sent by my dear "sister" Déa. It was supposed to be a surprise but she couldn't keep her mouth shut and told me about the envelope :P Anyway, i'm surprised because the cards are really nice. Thank you!!

This is the Canoa Quebrada Beach, 155 km's (99 miles) from Fortaleza, the capital city of Ceará state. "This old fishing village in Aracati was discovered for tourism in the mid 70´s by a group of hippies that enjoyed the hospitality and were received by the natives. Today, besides the eternal overwhelming landscape, the greatest attractions to enjoy the strong sun are the dune buggy tours through the sand dunes along the beach and the red cliffs, and the refreshing dives in the calm blue-green ocean. Just below the equatorial line, this stretch of the Brazilian coast has no winter, nor cold or bad weather." - in:

Now a card from Florianópolis, the capital city of Santa Catarina state, with Hercílio Luz Bridge. This bridge, completed in 1926, was "the first bridge constructed to link the Island of Santa Catarina to the mainland.
It is the longest suspension bridge in Brazil. The central span was considered quite long (but not the longest, at 340 meters) at the time of its opening and is still one of the 100 largest suspension bridges." - in:

Old Customs building in gothic style completed in 1889, famous for holding the last ball of the empire in 1889. This building is located in Ilha Fiscal (Fiscal island) in Guanabara Bay - Rio de Janeiro.

Night view of Geneve Boulevard in Campos do Jordão, a city in São Paulo state, known as "Switzerland of Brazil".
Déa also sent me 2 cards from Czech Republic. This one is from Brno and it shows different images of the city.

"Štramberk is a small town in the Moravian-Silesian Region. It lies on the slope of a forrested lime hill, dominated by the Trúba castle tower. Because of the town's location, its many historical buildings and a unique collection of timbered houses from the 18th and 19th centuries, the town has been declared a municipal reserve and nicknamed Moravian Betlehem." - in: wikipedia

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