Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cards & Calendars

Since i was a kid, i've always collected postcards and pocket calendars. For several years i took the calendars collection more seriously than the cards collection. Now is not that easy to get calendars and i got totally addicted to my cards collection, but i still collect calendars.
Katy knows that and she sent me some great calendars and another postcard.

Some estonian images. And look at the stamps, so cute ;)

Katy sent me this Tallinn card awhile ago when we're doing the GTKY Valentines RR.
Historically, Tallinn, has been attacked, sacked, razed and pillaged on numerous occasions. Although extensively bombed by Soviet air forces during the latter stages of World War II, much of the medieval Old Town still retains its charm. The Tallinn Old Town became a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site in 1997.

And these are the calendars she sent me. I love the penguins calendar!!
Tänan väga Katy!!

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