Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yesterday i had this RAS card in my mailbox sent by Karen "57cupcake". I was a complete surprise because i've never even traded with her... but i guess, we don't need any particular reason to make someone smile :D Thanks Karen!!!

This is the Seagull Monument in Salt Lake City.
"The Seagull Monument is a small monument situated immediately in front of the Salt Lake Assembly Hall on Temple Square, in Salt Lake City, Utah.
In 1848 the Mormon pioneers planted crops for their first spring season in Utah. As the crops ripened, Mormon crickets descended upon the farms from the foothills east of the valley. The insects consumed entire fields. According to traditional account, the harvest was saved by flocks of native seagulls which devoured the crickets. This event, popularly called the "Miracle of the Gulls", is remembered by Latter-day Saints as a miracle.
Seagull Monument is believed to be the first monument dedicated to birds.
The California gull is now the Utah State bird. - in:

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