Friday, May 1, 2009

Portuguese cards

2 new portuguese cards. The 1st one from Azores is the last card related to the photo contest on the portuguese community and it was sent by Márcia "magl". The 2nd was sent by Joaquim "kosta28" and is a thank you card.

"Situated on the northern coast of the amazing Graciosa Island, on the Azores Archipelago, the lovely Baleia (“Whale”) Islet received its name because of its curious configuration, quite similar to that cetaceous. These volcanic rocks, basaltic, also form a pleasant Bay of great natural beauty and crystalline waters, located in front of the Islet. In fact, it does seem that this “Whale” is heading straight to the Graciosa Island shore." - in:

An interior view of the 19th century Stock Exchange Palace in Porto with its beautiful Moorish Revival Arab Room.

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