Friday, October 23, 2009

Américo's cards

This morning the postman woke me up at 9.45 am. Usually he doesn't show up so early... he had to pleasure of seeing me in my pyjama... lol Well, he had a package for my brother and these 3 cards for me sent by Américo "valdagua".

This is the Monserrate Palace in the beautiful town of Sintra.
"The Monserrate Palace is an exotic palatial villa located near Sintra, the traditional summer resort of the Portuguese court. It was built in 1858 for Sir Francis Cook, an English baronet created visconde de Monserrate by King Luís. Monserrate turned to an English architect, James Knowles Jr., for designs. Though its Moghul-inspired details are unique in Portugal, its eclecticism is a fine example of the Sintra Romanticism, along with other nearby palácios, such as the Pena Palace." - in: wikipedia

Lagos is a city and a municipality at the mouth of the river Bensafrim and along the Atlantic Ocean ,in the region of Algarve, Southern Portugal.

"Apart from its animated lifestyle, the one learns that this was a fishing village and that its importance grew under the Arabs, which built several fortifications. It turned into an important naval center in the age of the Discoveries, in the 15th century; became the capital of the Algarve from 1576 to 1756 and was greatly damaged by the earthquake of 1755; thus its beautiful 18th and 19th century buildings. A fine new marina welcomes boats sailing in from the Atlantic. - in: www.portugalvirtual/_tourism/algarve/lagos/index.html

Another card from Algarve, this time from Ferragudo.

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