Saturday, October 17, 2009

Brazilian cards

Mauro sent me this week this 2 cards from 2 cities in his state Piauí.

"Parnaíba is a port city in Piauí, Brazil, on the right bank of the Parnaíba River, 360 km north of the capital, Teresina. It is one of the only four coastal cities of the state.

The town has some buildings of the old Portuguese type, including two churches and a fine hospital." - in: wikipedia

On there card there´s some views of Parnaíba: the Eagle Monument, Portinho Lagoon, Our Lady of the Grace Church, Humberto de Campos cashew tree, Parnaíba River Delta, Civic Center and the Barcas Port.

"Oeiras is a municipality in the Microregion of Picos of the Brazilian State of Piauí. Oeiras grew up around a church founded in 1695 dedicated to Our Lady of the Victory. Oeiras was elevated to the level of town in 1712, then became the capital of Piauí in 1759. In 1761 it became a city. The capital was transferred to Teresina in 1851." - in: wikipedia

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