Thursday, October 8, 2009

XI Photo Contest

After a week i can finally make new posts. I've a lot of new cards, mainly because of my road trip to Salamanca, Spain with a few portuguese postcrossers and i've also received some cards. These 3 are related with the photo contest on the portuguese community that i've recently won.
The 1st 2 cards are from Santarém and have been given to me by Susana "susanaportugal" and Diogo "diegoportucale". The 3rd is from Sintra and it was sent by Ana "ninocas".

"Church of St. Stephen - Church of the Holy Miracle (Igreja do Santissimo Milagre) Home to the 13th century Eucharistic Miracle of Santarem, a popular destination among Catholics worldwide.

Convent of Saint Claire (Convento de Santa Clara): 13th century feminine convent. Good example of Portuguese mendicant Gothic style." - in: wikipédia

Some of the landmarks and historical places in Sintra.
The stamp really smells like coffee :D

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