Thursday, November 26, 2009

Déa's birthday card

I've received new unesco cards, new national parks cards, new capital cities and i've also received a card from a new country as a birthday present.
This is a Guinea-Bissau card and it was sent by Déa, my dear friend from Brazil.

"The Republic of Guinea-Bissau is a country in western Africa, and one of the smallest states in continental Africa. It is bordered by Senegal to the north, and Guinea to the south and east, with the Atlantic Ocean to its west.
Its size is nearly 37,000 square kilometres (14,000 sq mi) with an estimated population of 1,600,000. Formerly the Portuguese colony of Portuguese Guinea, upon independence, the name of its capital, Bissau, was added to the country's name to prevent confusion with the Republic of Guinea. Guinea-Bissau's GDP per capita is one of the lowest in the world." - in:

This is the Cacheu river, also known as Farim river.
"Its total length is about 257 km and its headwaters are near the northern border of the country, north of Contobeul and close to a bend of the Geba River. It runs west, by the town of Farim and close to Bigenè, and broadens into an estuary on whose south shore the of Cacheu may be found.
It is navigable to large (2,000-ton) ships for about 97 km in, and to smaller vessels much further; it was an important route for commerce." - in: wikipedia

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that's lovely! and really special :)