Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dragon Pavilion at Kaifeng

A chinese card sent by "james_pua".

"The Dragon Pavilion is located in Kaifeng in eastern Henan province, People's Republic of China, where there was an ancient ruin of the imperial palace of Song Dynasty and Jin Dynasty.
In the Qing Dynasty, Wanshou pavilion was built by the emperor, Kangxi. It was though usually called the Dragon Pavilion. It was destroyed three times because of windstorm, and was rebuilt.
The Dragon Pavilion was built on the top of 72 steps which are 13 meters. In the middle of the steps, there is a Longqing stone that was sculptured many dragons. In the middle of the palace, there is a big chair with a dragon which was used to announce the rescript. In ancient times, the pavilion was used by the king for meetings. Its constructions the respect to the king and the atmosphere.

The Dragon Pavilion is now a tourist attraction. From 18 October to 18 November each year there is a flower meeting which attracts a number of visitors." - in: wikipedia

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