Wednesday, November 18, 2009

November RR - IV

The November RR cards keep coming :P

This is a portuguese card sent by Joana "joaninha".
The Nossa Senhora dos Remédios Sanctuary, on Lamego, started to be built in 1750 to be finished in 1905. The access stairway, with 686 steps, has several platforms where can be found the kings of Israel and on the stairway basis are four images representing the four seasons of the year.

My 2nd card of the RR from Turkey. This Topkapi Palace card was sent by Gokçe.
"The Topkapı Palace is a palace in Istanbul, which was the official and primary residence in the city of the Ottoman Sultans for 400 years.
The palace was a setting for state occasions and royal entertainments and is a major tourist attraction today, containing the most holy relics of the Muslim world such as the prophet Muhammed's cloak and sword. Topkapı Palace is among those monuments belonging to the "Historic Areas of Istanbul", which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.
Initial construction began in 1459, ordered by Sultan Mehmed II, the conqueror of Byzantine Constantinople.
After the end of the Ottoman Empire in 1921, Topkapı Palace was transformed by government decree on April 3, 1924 into a museum of the imperial era. The palace complex has hundreds of rooms and chambers, but only the most important are accessible to the public today. The complex is guarded by officials of the ministry as well as armed guards of the Turkish military. The palace is full of examples of Ottoman architecture and also contains large collections of porcelain, robes, weapons, shields, armor, Ottoman miniatures, Islamic calligraphic manuscripts and murals, as well as a display of Ottoman treasure and jewelry." - in: wikipedia
A card from China sent by "Nommy".

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