Thursday, April 8, 2010


It was really funny to receive this oficial from my own country.
I've already received 2 portuguese cards but this one is special because it's a card from my region and it was sent from my city. I believe the sender has family living here because he said he was spending Easter holidays here when he got my address.

This is a card from Serra da Estrela, the highest mountain range in mainland. Serra da Estrela is also a natural park.
The card shows a typical house used to hold sheeps, a shepherd and the Serra da Estrela cheese. The Serra da Estrela cheese has very rigorous rules and its production is limited to some regions.
"It is made of sheep milk, mostly during the months of November to March. Its maturation period has specific norms and must last thirty days at least. According to its maturation it becomes creamy pouring out or thicker. It is a cured cheese from artisan work with half-soft paste, creamy, white or slightly yellow, uniform (without holes or just a few) obtained from slow draining of curdled-milk, after raw sheep milk coagulation, with Cynara cadunculus thistle. The shape is a low cylinder with side camber and a little in the upper face, not having precise tacks. It shows a soft well formed rind, smooth and thin, with a uniform straw-yellow colour." - in: wikipedia

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