Friday, April 16, 2010


This is one of the cards i've received today. It really pleased me. A nice card with a good picture and, the most important, a nice text on the back.
The card is from Chatham, Massachusetts with the Stage Harbor Lighthouse.

US-650696, sent by Anya.
"Stage Harbor Light (also known as Harding Beach Light), built in 1880, is the youngest of the Cape Cod Light Stations. Chatham is the entrance to Stage Harbor, important to fishing and commercial traffic of the time. The light was installed to complement the light at Chatham, which one of the foggiest points on the East Coast.
The tower was built of curved iron plates lined with brick - identical to the "Chatham Twins." A fifth-order Fresnel lens was installed. The light was attached to a keeper's house similar to the one at Mayo Beach.
During Prohibition, liquor was stored under the floorboards in the passage between the light and keeper's house. During a surprise inspection, the inspector noted the loose floorboards, but simply told the keeper to repair them!
An automated light on a skeleton tower was built in 1933, and the lighthouse was decommissioned. The lantern room was removed, and the site sold to private ownership." -

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