Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rome International Meeting

The idea of this meeting started because some portuguese postcrossers planned to go to Rome to visit Rita, another portuguese postcrosser that moved to the city 2 or 3 months ago.
The portuguese talked other postcrossers and the meeting became international.

The meeting was last weekend and beside the portuguese - ninocas & family, geminiscp, rita_simões, susana_portugal and diego_portucale, joana122 - there were also people from other places. Tjitske from the Netherlands, dardo from Spain, masito from Switzerland, anjaaustel from Germany and a local, shelphie10 from Italy.

This second card, also from Rome, was sent by Joana and i love it, well i love both.
I really wanted to go on this trip with them but because of my job that wasn't possible. The good news is that i'll go to Rome next June with another postcrosser. I bought my plane tickets last night :)
Oh, imagine the cards, the pictures, the ice creams, all the monuments. I wish i could erase May from the calendar :P
I'll start my Rome countdown today!!!!!!!!!

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