Thursday, September 23, 2010

Joan of Arc Church - Rouen

I wasn't expecting this card from France. At first i couldn't figured out who sent it, the signature was clear but the handwriting was familiar. I've checked a few cards and finally found a match, it was sent by Luís "ludovico".

Rouen is an historic capital city in Normandy, northern France. It was in Rouen where Joan of Arc was burnt in 1431.
The "Sainte Jeanne d'Arc" church was built in 1979 by Louis Arretche on a place that was rebuilt after world war II, between the ruins of the Saint-Sauveur church and the Joan of Arc wooshed. It evokes at the same time the wooshed flames and the Rouen harbour life. Although, it must
obviously be a modern church, it had to display the XVIth century stainglasses that were previously installed in the Saint-Vincent church (destroyed during the bombings).

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