Thursday, September 2, 2010

Land of Frankincense - Oman

Las week i've received 1 envelope from Claus with our trade cards and 1 or 2 days later i've received this RAS card written and stamped from Oman. Another unesco surprise, and what a surprise, from him. The Land of Frankincense is a Unesco whs since 2000.

"The frankincense trees of Wadi Dawkah and the remains of the caravan oasis of Shisr/Wubar and the affiliated ports of Khor Rori and Al-Baleed vividly illustrate the trade in frankincense that flourished in this region for many centuries, as one of the most important trading activities of the ancient and medieval world.
The group of archaeological sites in Oman represent the production and distribution of frankincense, one of the most important luxury items of trade in the Old World in antiquity." - in:

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