Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Modica - Italy

I've only received 1 card today but yesterday my mailbox was full. One of the cards was this one from Modica, sent by Johnson. Modica is a city in Sicily, Italy and along with the Val di Noto is an Unesco World Heritage Site, on the list under the name "Late Baroque Towns of the Val di Noto (South-Eastern Sicily)" since 2002.

"As the city developed it gradually became divided into "Modica Alta" (Upper Modica) and "Modica Bassa" (Lower Modica). During the last century the city has extended and developed new suburbs which include Sacro Cuore (or "Sorda"), Monserrato, Idria, these are often referred to as Modern Modica; both old and modern quarters of the city are today joined by one of Europe's higher bridge, the Guerrieri bridge (300 m).
Despite being ravaged by earthquakes in 1613 and 1693 and floods in 1833 and 1902, Modica has maintained some of the most beautiful architecture in Sicily, in the Sicilian Baroque style. The city possesses a large Baroque Cathedral dedicated to San Giorgio. While the cathedral was rebuilt following the earthquake of 1693, like many other parts of the city its roots are in the Middle Ages.
There is another church dedicated to San Pietro in Modica Bassa, featuring a principal façade crowned by a typical Sicilian Baroque belltower 49 m in height." - in: wikipedia

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