Friday, December 17, 2010

1st International Meeting - Bielefeld

If you're a postcrosser you probably heard about the Bielefeld meeting and probably received a card or even more than 1 card signed by the all 45 particpants. 45 postcrossers in a meeting must be a record. Heidi "dollart" and Tjistke send these cards.

"As an economic und cultural centre of Eastern Westphalia and with its population of 330,000, Bielefeld is one of the twenty major cities in Germany. Bielefeld's excellent infrastructure and its central location puts it within easy reach of all parts of Europe." - in:

The participants came from 13 different countries: from Germany: Nordbaer; Anjaaustel; Goyesca; Xtlera; Nordia e Nordia2; Dogma7911; Nephrotranz; Willi; Violanie59; Zimtschnecke; Mausbaer47; Abuarrak; Nearlyperfect; Weltenbummler; Midnatsol; Midnatsol2; Bidi e Isagv . Netherlands: MissMaple; Tjitske; Jetske; Dandilion; Diashaliz; Astrid197 e MarianneJS. Belgium: Lotty. France: Thaddee_Calisson. Austria: Oldieoma. Finland: Dollart e Erjamaarit. Denmark: Gforp. Switzerland: Masito; Jamie1972; Zasa e Giorgis. Russia: Synnin e Bidi2. UK: Duplevista e Mojiwa. Romania: ADolphin and from Slovenia the portuguese Paulo and Ana.

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Miguel Oliveira said...

Não me tinha apercebido que tinhas recebido um postal do Bunny Suicide :D