Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Humm, pumpkins in sand dunes, that's odd. Apparently this pumpkin family traveled to New Mexico to visit the White Sands National Monument. On the back of the card, papa pumpkin explains how the sands are formed.

US-928275, sent by Belinda.
Dear diary,
Last evening the white sands dunes were so beautiful. The moon was just s sliver in the deep blue sky. Papa told us, "tomorrow we will cross Lake Lucero and see huge crystals of gypsum sticking up from ground. From these crystals the white sand is formed". I ask him how the crystals got into the lake bed. He said, "the snow and the rain wash the gypsum from the San Andreas Mountains where it collects in the Tularosa Basin. When the snow and rain water dry up the gypsum crystallizes. The wind and dust break the crystals apart to form these beautiful dunes". I cannot wait to see this strange dry lake. Papa is so full of knowledge.

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