Monday, December 27, 2010

Middelburg - Netherlands

I had, still have, a card of Middelburg's Town Hall in my favorites album. Linda "calinnero" said she had a card with the same building and i told her she could tagged me. The card arrived today but the other continues in my album because i want that card with that view even if i already have this card with a different view.
Middelburg is a city in the south-western Netherlands.

Middelburg's Town Hall, built between 1452 and 1458, is one of the most beautiful Gothic buildings in the Netherlands.
It was completely destroyed in the 1940 bombing, but after the war it was rebuilt in the original style. On the façade of 1512-13, most of which survived the bombing, are figures of 25 counts and countesses of Zeeland and Holland, under canopies surmounted by fabulous animals.
The windows and doors are closed by red and white shutters - a common practice in the Middle Ages, when windows were not glazed.

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