Saturday, April 2, 2011


The back of this Bremen card is fully written :) This was the 2nd card i've received from Bremen this week and it shows the Schlachte, the medieval harbour of Bremen and today a riverside boulevard with pubs and bars aligned on one side and the banks of Weser on the other.

DE-872772, sent by Florian.
"Bremen's seafaring traditions are still alive and well today and have a big part to play in its unique appeal. The Schlachte Embankment along the River Weser is a magnet for locals and tourists: there are always people milling around by the water, especially when the sun is out. Something very special is happening in Bremen's Überseestadt district, one of the largest urban regeneration projects in Europe: the old city docks on the eastern banks of the Weser are being transformed into a vibrant community for the 21st century – in an area five times the size of the city centre. Flowing through the heart of Bremen is the Weser river: an old trading route that was the driving force behind the city's emergence as a proud Hanseatic centre. When the sun shines down on Bremen, locals and visitors to the city head to the Schlachte Embankment on the banks of the Weser river. The terraces, gardens, restaurants and pavement cafés offer wonderful views of the water. Just as easy on the eye are the old-fashioned boats and their modern counterparts on the quayside. St. Martin's quay is where the river tours depart: every day in summer, the boats take passengers up and down the Weser on short trips or long cruises. Bremen's seafaring traditions are especially well preserved in the Vegesack district with its captains' houses, buzzing harbour, maritime festivals and charter cruises on the Weser and Lesum rivers." - in:

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