Saturday, April 2, 2011

Zuiderkerk - Amsterdam

Last update of the night, a favorite from the Netherlands. The card shows the Zuiderkerk, South Church, in Amsterdam and it was sent by Sandra "sisi".

"The Zuiderkerk was built between 1603 and 1611 by the great Dutch architect Hendrick de Keyser. It was one of the earliest churches in Amsterdam to be built in the Renaissance style and was the first in the city to be built for the Dutch Reformed Church.

Legend has it this church greatly impressed the great British architect Sir Christopher Wren (builder of London's St. Paul's Cathedral and other churches). Centuries later, Monet painted the Zuiderkerk. In another artistic connection, three of Rembrandt's children were buried in the Zuiderkerk.

On a less happy note, the church floor was used to store the surplus of corpses during the Hunger Winter of 1945.

Like many of Amsterdam's churches, there are no longer enough worshippers to keep the South Church in business. Today it houses a permanent exhibit on Amsterdam's future building plans sponsored by the City Planning Office.

The church tower is one of the most beautiful structures in Amsterdam." - in:

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Aritha said...

I like this church but I've seen it. Amsterdam is not my favorite city!