Monday, April 18, 2011

Postcrossing Meeting in Koln

I've sent this card from Köln one week ago. I really enjoyed the meeting and my 1st time in Germany. I'll visit the country again in the future.

It was a huge meeting, with lots of postcrossers from different countries. From Portugal it was me; geminiscp and leugim. The others were: Abendstern; abuarrak; anjaaustel; AstridMaria; BlackCat; Hexentrio; Isagv; Linus58; michigirl; Mimi1778; Mondfalke; ninta; rena--1989; SannyBunny; sonjab; Taavi; Nicky86; xtlera; zeronic; zimtschnecke; Weltenbummler; Trisa; Venia and Violanie59 from Germany. From the Netherlands: Annerie; Carolien25; dandilion; Dees; icitaiwan; jess18877; Jokejacket; Marleen1979; Nanoek; Nicolletjuhhhh; Tjitske and Wendy038. From Belgium: veer. From Switzerland: azzurri; carolisha e masito. From Austria: erlkoenigstochter. From Spain: dardo. From Finland: kilona and dollart and from the USA: 9teen87.

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occam said...

Do you have (camera) photos posted somewhere of this meeting? I recognized you in Mondfalke's photos!