Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Créac'h Lighthouse - France

The next 2 weeks i wont have time to make any updates because i'll be travelling. I've a little pile of cards on my bedside table, waiting for the spotlight.

It's already midnight, i'd better start and i'll start with a favorite from France. Créac'h Lighthouse at the Ouessant Island, Bretagne.

The lighthouses are an essential part of Ouessant life. The island is a rocky promontory in the ocean, with cliffs and sandbanks all around it. The area used to be sadly famous for its many shipwrecks, and furniture in the houses used to be built from wood retrieved from the ships that hit the rocks. Today, the Breton coast is studded with powerful lighthouses guiding the ships, including supertankers, through the English Channel into the North Sea.

The Creac'h lighthouse marks, with the one of Land's End in Great Britain, the entry to the Channel. The Creac'h is one of the most powerful lighthouses existing today, whose signal (two white flashes every ten seconds) can be seen at 61 km. There is also a powerful fog-horn, which used to be operated by horses, but which today is, of course, automatic. There used to be a strange device, an underwater bell, too. - in: http://www.virtourist.com/europe/ouessant/22.htm
The card was sent by Michelle.

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