Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Karina's Meeting - Portugal

I've received 2 or 3 cards from this meeting with Karina "kazinhabueno" but a few days ago i've received another one, a great one. That's us in the pictures. This is so cool.

The pictures were taken by José "PilotOne" and the card was made and sent by Luís "ludovico". This isn't an handmade card, that's a real card.
Left picture: Karina "kazinhabueno", Vitória "blicas blocas", Ninocas, Susana "susanaportugal", José "PilotOne", Joana "joaninha", Rita "rita_simões", me, Luís "ludovico" and Duarte.

Right picture: Paulo (Leninha's husband), Joana, Rita and her boyfriend Enrico, Karina and her husband Diego, Leninha and her son Francisco, Carole "loable", Ângela (Luís wife), Luís and José.

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