Saturday, September 3, 2011

Santillana del Mar & Trujillo

Two more cards sent by Luis. One from Santillana del Mar in Cantabria and the other is from Trujillo in Extremadura.

Santillana del Mar is 30 km far from Santander, In the western coast of Cantabria. and it is an “alive museum” of a medieval village developed around the “Santa Juliana” collegiate church, although most of the houses were built between the XIV and XVIII centuries.

Trujillo is a Spanish city located in the province of Cáceres, in the Extremadura region. It was the birthplace of Francisco Pizarro and his brothers, conquerors of Peru, as well as of Francisco de Orellana.
The card shows the Juan Pizarro de Orellana, a cousin of Fransisco Pizarro. This 16th century palace is quite special in the history of Trujillo and the New World because it once served as the Casa de Contratación, or House of Contracts. It was in this place that the people who wished to travel to the Americas and continue the colonization and conquest signed the contract to do so. Therefore this palace played a very significant role in the expansion of the empire into the New World.

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