Friday, April 13, 2012

Sardinia II - Italy

And these are the other 3 cards Selina also sent me.

R. Balzano Edizioni

Tempio is a town c. 14,000 inhabitants in the Gallura region of northern Sardinia.
Tempio has an ancient history and is the centre of one of the two main areas that remained safe from Phoenician colonisation. Typical granite-stone architecture of the historical centre presents many similarities with southern Corsican towns. - in:

R. Balzano Edizioni

Located on the north west coast of Sardinia, holidays to Alghero have become increasingly popular in recent years, yet the city still retains its distinctive Catalan character. This derives from the influence of Pedro IV of Aragon who seized control of the town in the mid-fourteenth century and embarked on an intense period of colonization from Spain.
Today, Alghero manages to combine its role of tourist city with that of a thriving marina. This enables it to maintain a year round economy outside of the busy summer months.

Alghero is recognised as the most Italianesque of the holiday resorts in Sardinia with its old walled town on the sea front containing a labyrinthic network of narrow lanes, most of which are free from vehicles. - in:

R. Balzano Edizioni

Santa Teresa, set within the rounded rocks of the Gallura region, is one of the most sought after tourist spots in the North of Sardinia. Apart from the beauty of the beaches and the territory, the area offers many forms of entertainments and a vast choice of hotels, restaurants and bars. Thanks to tourism this small town has become an important destination on the map, not only for the connection with Corsica, but for the tourists from all over the world. Santa Teresa di Gallura is in fact the point of Sardinia closest to Corsica, so much so that in a clear day you can see the coast of the French island in the distance. From the port in Santa Teresa there is a Ferry that links the two islands daily. - in:
On the cards there's the Longosardo Tower, which was built in the 16th century and stands tall on a cliff overlooking the harbour, where one can enjoy a breathtaking sight as far as Corsica on a clear day.

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