Friday, April 13, 2012

US-1601739 & US-1606304

Two official from the US. The 1st shows tow Hopi indians on the edge of Painted Desert on Route 66, Arizona and the 2nd the Waco Suspension Bridge in Texas.

Wallis Collection / Originally published by Colourpicture Publications

US-1601739, sent by Michelle.

Painted Desert where the soil and rocks are tinted blue, chocolate, purple, rose and vermillion.

Much of the Painted Desert region is within the Navajo Nation (Navajo and Hopi have lived in the region for at least five hundred and one thousand years, respectively.)
The Hopi are a federally recognized tribe of Native American people, who primarily live on the 2,531.773 sq mi (6,557.26 km2) Hopi Reservation in northeastern Arizona. - in:

US-1606304, sent by Sarah.

The Waco Suspension Bridge crosses the Brazos River in Waco, Texas. It is a single-span suspension bridge with a main span of 475 feet (145 m). Opened in 1869, it contains nearly 3 million bricks.

Every year on Independence Day, the bridge serves as a place where thousands of locals gather to watch fireworks. The Indian Springs Park marks the location of the origin of the town of Waco, where the Huaco Indians had settled on the bank of the river, at the location of an icy cold spring. - in: wikipedia

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