Wednesday, October 10, 2012

BY-587946, UA-358335 & UA-374172

One official from Belarus and two from Ukraine but all the cards are ukrainian!!

 BY-587946, sent by Dasha.
This the official from Belarus but the card shows the Church of Christ's Resurrection, a church overlooking the village of Foros in Crimea, Ukraine.
The church was commissioned by a local landowner to commemorate Alexander III's survival in the Borki train disaster (1888). The landowner's name was Alexander Kuznetsov; he was a tea trader from Moscow. Nikolai Chagin, a celebrated architect from Wilno, designed the church in a bizarre blend of Rastrelliesque Baroque, Russian Revival, and Byzantine Revival.
The church was consecrated on 4 October, 1892 in the name of the Resurrection of Christ in a ceremony attended by Konstantin Pobedonostsev. The last Tsar, Nicholas II of Russia, and his wife prayed at the church on the day of the 10th anniversary of the Borki incident.
After the Russian Revolution the church was closed for worshippers, its priest exiled to Siberia and frescoes overpainted. The building was used as a snackbar for tourists until 1969 and stood empty throughout the 1970s and 1980s. It was returned to the Orthodox Church and went through four restoration campaigns.
The Foros Church is a popular wedding location. - in: wikipedia

 UA-358335, sent by Marina.
The Dominican church and monastery in Lviv, Ukraine is located in the city's Old Town, east of the market square.
The present day Baroque church, commonly attributed to Jan de Witte, was consecrated in 1764. In 1865 a neo-baroque bell tower was added to the complex.
After World War II the complex was occupied by soviets, used as warehouse and in the 1970s changed into a museum of religion and atheism. With the collapse of the soviet union the church was given to the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church and now serves as a parish church, the monastery however has not been returned yet and still serves as a museum (renamed as the museum of religion). - in: wikipedia

 UA-374172, sent by Elena.
The Metro Bridge is part of the Brovary Parkway spanning across the Dnipro River in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. It was engineered by G. Fux and Y. Inosov and constructed in 1965 with the expansion of the Kyiv Metro system. The bridge is used for both the Sviatoshynsko-Brovarska Line of the metro and for automobile traffic. - in: wikipedia

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