Sunday, October 14, 2012

Slovenian cards

More cards from lovely Slovenia to my collection, sent by Ivana.

Photo © Claudio Costerni Camporosso
This one and the next are thank you cards from Ivana. I've sent her some portuguese stamps and she sent me 3 cards in return. The 3rd one was a view of the Ljubljana castle but i already had that card.
Mangart or Mangrt is a mountain in the Julian Alps, located on the border between Italy and Slovenia. With an elevation of 2,679 metres (8,789 ft), it is after Triglav and Škrlatica the third-highest peak in Slovenia. - in: wikipedia

© Galerija Svetle
This a painting by Simon Šubic-Svetle, a slovenian painter.
Simon Šubic – Svetle with his pictures and drawings becomes widely known in the late 90'. As a 'naïve' in the field of painting he had a lot of interesting things to see in the local area. In the Žiri area there were a lot of representers of the 'naïve', painters who gained respect and praise all over the world for their unique talent and skills. - in:

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