Thursday, October 4, 2012

RU-1165136 & RU-1186850

Great officials from Russia!

RU-1165136, sent by Natasha.
I really liked this card, my 1st from Ryazan and it shows the city's Kremlin..
Ryazan is situated 200 km southeast from Moscow. This is one of the most ancient Russian cities with centuries-old history that began far back in the IX-X century A.D.
The Pearl of Ryazan is the Ryazan Kremlin, the most ancient historical kernel of the city. During its long life the Kremlin was reconstructed several times. It now presents the whole complex of remarkable monuments of the old Russian style and the architecture of classicism of XV-XIX centuries. In 1968 the ensemble of architectural monuments of the Ryazan Kremlin arranged historical collections and archeological relics of the Old Ryazan City. It turned into a historical-architectural museum which since 1995 has been included in the State Corpus of the most valuable objects of the cultural heritage of Russian Federation. - in:

 RU-1186850, sent by Sergey.
I think i should learn russian. I often have to make a lot of research to discover where my russian cards are from when they don't have any info in english. Online cyrilic keyboards don't always help.
Anyway, in this case i managed to discover that this is a card from Belgorod, showing the Dormition and St Nicholas' Cathedral and the Intercession Church.
The convent's cathedral is dedicated to both the Dormition of the Virgin Mary and to St Nicholas. It was built between 1692 and 1709. After the revolution the cathedral was closed and briefly used as a prison before being turned over for use as a bread factory. In 1998 the building was returned to the Church and re-consecrated in 2005 after having become the convent's cathedral. 
The blue Intercession Church was built between 1766 and 1791 and extended in 1865 with the addition of an altar dedicated to St Tikhon of Zadonsk. Like the Dormition and St Nicholas' Cathedral, it too was used as a prison after the revolution. Later it was used as a mechanic's workshop, until it was finally returned to the Church in 1991 and restored. - in:

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