Sunday, March 24, 2013


Usually i don't get cards from Austria that often but in less than a month i've got 2 officials and other 2 cards from private trades.

Landschaften fur Leidenschaften
AT-133521, sent  by Tina.
This is a card from the Kalkalpen National Park, my 1st austrian national park card. It is located in Upper Austria.
The Kalkalpen National Park features the largest forest region in Central Europe and the largest karst well in the country, called Pießling Ursprung in Roßleithen, a true paradise for nature lovers. A colourful mosaic consisting of pristine forests, promising viewpoints from mountain tops, hidden gorges and untouched mountain streams. If you want to get away from the hectic and noise of the city and are on the look for unique fauna and flora, then come to the Kalkalpen National Park for some exploring adventure. There are guided tours all year round – listen to the courtship of the black grouse and admire the blossoming of the orchids during spring, observe chamoix in alpine meadow and cave tours in summer or be enchanted by the autumn colours during the time of the deer mating season. - in:

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