Thursday, March 21, 2013

Swiss Castles

I'm back from holidays, which were great by the way. I've been to beautiful places, took hundreds of pictures and bought way too many cards.
When i'm travelling i'm always curious about the cards i'm receiving, so of the 1st things i do when i get home, is to check my received cards. This time i've received a lot and one of them was one of these cards, both sent by Oscar. He already sent the Sargans Castle back in January and now he sent the beautiful Vufflens Castle.

© - Photo by Roland Gerth
 Sargans Castle, a proud witness of local Sargans history, embodies two hundred years of county rule and more than three centuries of varied rule by local officials. At the end of the 19th century, the municipality of Sargans bought the dilapidated building and, by way of numerous renovations, saved it from final decay.
Today the old county castle houses one of the most significant local museums in Europe. In 1983, as the top Swiss museum it received the European prize of "Museum of the Year" and was recorded as being one of the 37 worldwide museums most worth a visit in 1987.
The impressive view, the historically housed restaurant, the secluded castle courtyard, and the wonderful wine cellar with its ancient wine press make an excursion to the former local seat of power an unforgettable experience. - in:

© - Photo by Roland Gerth
With its majestic donjon of a height of 60m, the castle of Vufflens is visible from far away. Vufflens-le-Château and its vineyards are situated 3 km north from Morges.
The castle of Vufflens, built in the 15th century, represents the most outstanding example of a small group of Vaud castles dating from the Late Middle Ages, above all characteristic because they were built of bricks.
This impressive building with its 60 metres donjon is a private property and unfortunately not open to visitors. But one can very well admire it from the outside.
An agreeable promenade of 30 minutes through the vineyards between Vufflens-le-Château and Denens offers a splendid view on this magnificent castle, Lake Geneva and Mont-Blanc. - in:

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