Friday, March 1, 2013

Lake la Cueva - Spain

The Asturias region in northern Spain was one of the possibilities for my holidays. I'm going to Catalonia instead but i'd like to visit this region in the future.
This card was in my favs and it was sent by Raquel.

© Ediciones A. M. - Fotografia: Daniel Acevedo
Lake La Cueva, together with Lake Cerveriz and Lake Calabazosa, form the so-called Saliencia Lakes.
The basin is completely closed; therefore the view is limited to the immense basin. The eastern half of the basin conserves its pastoral character while the northern section, where the mining track is found, has been artificially terraced due to hydroelectric work and has been used as a spontaneous campsite as it includes a drinking fountain and an ample surface where cars can park. The western area has been deteriorated by past mining activities.
This lake collects water from several tributaries. Another possibly exists below the normal water level. There are three floodgates to regulate the flow. One controls the flow from Lake Negro and the other two are part of the outflow pipe.
The water is transparent if not clouded by mud that accumulates at the bottom of the lake, which makes it vary between emerald green and red-ochre. - in:

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