Friday, August 23, 2013

Praia da Luz - Portugal

Raquel also went on holidays to Algarve and sent me this card of Praia da Luz beach. 

© Michael Howard photography 
Praia da Luz is used to refer to both the urbanized village and its beach. 
Luz is dominated by its beach, and extends as far as the cliffs of the southern coast .
Luz's beach and setting have attracted many visitors to the region, resulting in a shift from an economy based on fishing to one providing services for local tourists. Along the beach, many of the canning plants were closed and replaced by windsurfing and diving schools, as well as discos, restaurants and shops tailoring to the seasonal visitor.
 The settlements of Luz have become holiday destinations for citizens primarily from the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Germany, as well as local vacationers from within Portugal. In some cases, foreign tourists have chosen to make it their permanent home. - in: wikipedia

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