Saturday, August 3, 2013

TW-903682 & TW-799427

Two officials from Taiwan. The 2nd has travelled for more than 150 days :o 

 Design & photo of Jerry Weng
TW-903682, sent by Jerry.
Fuguejiao (Fu-kuei Cape) Light is Taiwan's northernmost lighthouse, located on a promontory in Shimen. It is an active lighthouse, originaly buil  in 1897. The original cast iron lighthouse was heavily damaged in World War II.  It was rebuilt in 1962 in concrete. 

TW-799427, sent by Wen.
Ci-en Pagoda is located on Sha Ba Lan Mountain near Sun Moon Lake. It was built by Chiang Kai-Shek in memory of his mother in 1971. The construction was very difficult because the materials had to be shipped over the lake and moved up the mountain. The Ci-en Pagoda is 46 meters in height and has become the famous landmark of Sun Moon Lake. Surrounding the tower are beautiful plants and trees and there are stone tables and chairs for visitors to take a rest. The Ci-en Pagoda overlooks Lalu Island and Sun Moon Lake.
Ci-en Pagoda is an octagonal building; the 3 stories at the base are painted in white, while the 9 stories of the main body are painted in golden red. Tourists can appreciate the magnificent scenery of Sun Moon Lake from the Ci-en Pagoda. - in:

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