Tuesday, August 6, 2013


This is an official from Romania but the card shows the Gotta Abu Ramada Reef in Egypt.
This is my 1st official card, as far as i can remember, sent from a Postcrossing Meeting, in this particular case, a meeting in Bucarest. 

© Marco Care / Greenpeace
RO-66141, sent by Ana Maria.
Abu Gota Ramada is also known as the Aquarium. It is a small reef, about 100 by 100 metres with a large submerged mount. 
The maximum depth in 20 metres before it drops down to 50 metres.  The reef lies in the middle of the strait and brings in significant amount of zoo plankton allowing the reef to flourish. The area is covered in picturesque soft coral and an abundance of fish.
The reef, due to its shallow depth, is well covered in sun light, allowing for some fantastic photography, especially in the smaller little crevasses found around the various pinnacles. The trick with this reef is to take your time, choose a spot and just wait, the amount of fishes you are able to spot is absolute fantastic. - in:  http://www.scuba-diving-adviser.co.uk/DiveSites/EgyptDiveSites/HurghadaandSafaga/GotaAbuRamada.aspx
All over the reef, but especially at the west end, there are yellowfish, bannerfish, bluecheck butterflies, masked butterflies, yellow snapper, goatfish and sweetlips. Big morays, jacks, turtles, crocodilefish and more infrequently, eagle rays and leopard sharks visit the reef. Titan triggerfish are guarding their nests in September. 

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