Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Bielefeld 2013

Last month the german city of Bielefeld hosted for the 4th time an international Postcrossing Meeting. I don't know how many postcrossers were there but after counting the signatures on these cards, they're were probably more than 30!!

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Because of the larger number os postcrossers in the meeting, Anja always use bigger cards ir order to get space for all the signatures. This time she sent me this card showing Ludwigskirche, a Protestant baroque style church. It is the symbol of the city and is considered to be one of the most important Protestant churches in Germany.
Construction was begun in 1762. After the death of William Henry in 1768, work on it was stopped due to lack of funds. The church was finally completed in 1775 by his son, Louis, and it was also named after him. 
During the Second World War, Ludwigskirche was almost completely destroyed. After a bombing on October 5, 1944, only the surrounding walls remained. Rebuilding began in 1949, however it has still not been completed. The main reason for this long delay was the fierce dispute, which lasted from the 1950s into the 1970s, about whether the baroque interior, which had been completely lost, should also be reconstructed according to the original plans. At first, it had been agreed to restore the exterior, with a modern interior, but this plan was finally abandoned. After the reconstruction of the "Fürstenstuhl" (i.e., the princely seating in the gallery across from the organ) in 2009, the interior is more or less complete, but some of the balustrade figures on the outside are still lacking. - in: wikipedia

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I'm not sure who sent this card but after analyzing the handwriting, i think it might be Kati. By the way, i need to ask her.
Bielefeld is the economic and cultural heart of Eastern Westphalia and, with almost 330.000 inhabitants, one of Germany’s twenty largest cities. 

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