Thursday, November 28, 2013

FI-1912603 & FI-1933069

Two different churches located in two different finnish provinces, Southern Finland and Lapland. 

 FI-1912603, sent by Leila.
Ylämaa Church was designed by the architect and artist Ilmari Launis, and was inaugurated on the Feast of Pentecost in 1931. In 1975, a baptismal font formed from Ylämaa spectrolite, which is said to be unique in the whole worl, was donated to the church.

Foto: Kalevi Asplund
FI-1933069, sent by Emilia.
Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church dates from 1760 and thus one of the oldest buildings in northern Lapland. 
Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church was built in 1752-1760 to replace the old church which was built in 1646 and   used to be the religious centre of Inari Municipality until the year 1888. The Church is still used during the Midsummer and also for religious ceremonies like weddings.

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