Sunday, December 15, 2013

Alter do Chão - Brazil

Last October Luzia went on holidays to the Amazon region and she sent me this card from there. 

 Foto: Ary Mendonça
Alter do Chão is located on the banks of the Tapajós River, one of the tributaries of the Amazon River, in the Pará state, North region of Brazil. Alter do Chão is considered an important thermal center of the region and regular port for foreign cruises.
Most tourist visit Alter do Chão between the months of August to December when it occurs the ebb of the Pará's rivers. A few freshwater beaches with soft white sand appear when the water level is low. Due to this phenomenon many call Alter do Chão the "Brazilian Caribbean" or lost paradise.
At that time, many bars are open in Alter do Chão on a wide strip of sand that emerges in the midst of the river, to serve the tourists who have access to it through small canoes, known in the region as Catraias.

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