Saturday, December 7, 2013


I've many cards from Poland but i'm always happy to get new ones from there. This is one is trully beautiful and that's a new castle card in my collection. 

Foto: Anna Bedkowska-Karmelita
PL-804002, sent by Agnes.
Ksiaz Castle, the Pearl of Lower Silesia, erected in the 13th century, is one of the greatest visitor attractions in the region. Throughout the course of history, this splendid castle had many owners. Between 1509 and 1941, the castle was under the dominion of the mighty House of Hochbergs. The Hochbergs expanded the castle and significantly contributed to its splendor. In 1941 the castle was confiscated by the Nazis. Under their reign numerous historic chambers were destroyed. The Nazis created a system of tunnels underneath the castle, which the function still remains a mystery.
After the castle had been liberated, the demolition work initiated by the Nazis was continued by the Red Army. In 1952 the renovation work was undertaken to restore the Ksiaz Castle to its previous grandeur. Nowadays, visitors can admire the majesty of numerous chambers, terraces and surrounding gardens. - in:

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