Monday, December 16, 2013

Trianon Park, São Paulo - Brazil

Another card from Brazil and also sent by Luzia. This is her contribution to my old people collection. 

© 2012 Maurício Vieira
The Lieutenant Siqueira Campos Park, better known as Trianon Park, was inaugurated in April 1892 with the opening of the Avenida Paulista in São Paulo. It was designed by the French landscape designer Paul Villon.
In 1924, the Park was donated to the city, and, in 1931, received its current name in honor of one of the Tenentes Uprising heroes, Lieutenant António de Siqueira Campos.
Trianon Park currently has in its interior, in addition to the only remaining Atlantic forest reserve in the region, other attractions like the statue of the Faun of Victor Brecheret, a bird aviary, fountainschildren's recreation venues, public toilets and an administrative center, making it a haven of relaxation and rest in the middle of the bustling Paulista Avenue.

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