Thursday, April 10, 2014

Brazilian cards

A few weeks ago, Mauro from Água Branca, in Piauí state, Brazil, sent me an envelope with cards from the neighboring state of Ceará.

Foto: Wilson Polano
Pedra da Galinha Choca (Rock of the Brooding Hen) is a rock formation in the Brazilian city of Quixadá, taking its name from its curious shape. It is located 5 km from the city center. It consists of inselberg diorites and granites, which are igneous rocks, i.e., formed from cooling magma. Like other monoliths of the region, the Pedra da Galinha Choca is on a crystalline ground, i.e., consists of ancient and tough rocks that were formed during the Precambrian, and which with erosion eventually stood above the surface.
In the vicinity was built the Açude do Cedro (Cedar's Dam), and together they form the best known quixadaense landscape. - in: wikipedia

 Fotos: Olympio Simões Freire
Prainha is a Brazilian beach in the municipality of Aquiraz, 26 km from Fortaleza, the state's capital city. Is situated at the mouth of the rio Catu. Is famous for its local crafts, especially lace.
Beach Park, located in Porto das Dunas, just 16 km from Fortaleza, is one of Latin America’s largest aquatic complexes. 

Foto: Wilson Polano
The Iracema Guardian statue was made by the artist Zenon Barreto and inaugurated in 1996, in Fortaleza's Iracema Beach. 
Iracema is a character of José de Alencar romance novel "Iracema", published in 1865. 

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