Thursday, April 24, 2014

Stalker Castle - Scotland

Two other cards of another scottish castle in a very scenic location. The 1st card was also sent by Doyel and the 2nd is an official that I got not so long ago. 

 © Dennis Hardley
Stalker Castles is a four story tower house (or keep), located in a picturesque location on a tidal islet on Loch Laich off Loch Linnhe, 25 miles from Oban, on the west coast of Scotland. 
The original castle was a small fort, built around 1320 by Clan MacDougall who were then Lords of Lorn. Around 1388 the Stewarts took over the Lordship of Lorn, and it is believed that they built the castle in its present form around the 1440s. The Stewart's relative King James IV of Scotland visited the castle, and a drunken bet around 1620 resulted in the castle passing to Clan Campbell. 

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GB-503359, sent by Joan.
After changing hands between these clans a couple of times the Campbells finally abandoned the castle in about 1840, when it lost its roof. In 1908 the castle was bought by Charles Stewart of Achara, who carried out basic conservation work. In 1965 Lt. Col. D. R. Stewart Allward acquired the castle and over about ten years fully restored it. Castle Stalker remains in private ownership and is open to the public at selected times during the summer. - in: wikipedia

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