Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vrchlabí Castle - Czech Republic

I don't know how many castle cards I've from Czech Republic, but I've quite a few and every time I swap with Emerich, I get new ones. This is Vrchlabí castle. 

Foto: Ivan Rillich
Vrchlabí  is a town in northern part of Hradec Králové Region, in the roots of the Krkonoše Mountains. 
The Vrchlabí Renaissance castle was built between 1546-1548 by Kryštof from Gendorf. It was built in Saxon-Silesian style as a water stronghold. In 1820 it was reconstructed into two-storied castle with domes at the top of eight-edged towers. The interior includes a great hall with a vault and lunettes, a remarkable ceramic stove from 1545 and stucco decoration. It is situated in the castle park and is surrounded by rare woods. Nowadays, the castle is a residence of the town council. - in: http://www.infocesko.cz/content/clanek.aspx?clanekid=7691&lid=2

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