Thursday, June 26, 2014

St. George Church, Drohobych - Ukraine

St. George Church is one of the eight ukrainian wooden tserkvas inscribed last year on the UNESCO WHS list. This was the last ukrainian sites I was still missing. 
I must say that I love wooden churches and this one is so beautiful. Thank you so much Knesiya for sending me this amazing card. 

The church was built sometime in the late XVI century in the village of Nadiyiv. In 1657 the church was purchased for a barrel of salt, taken apart, transported and erected in Drohobych on the site of an earlier church which was destroyed by tartars in 1499. The bell tower was built in 1670. The church is officially labelled as a "three-room log constructed church with three levels".
The church was repaired and improved during the period of 1820-1830 and then again in 1974-5. The church has been labelled as an architectural monument for a long time and has been used as a museum during the Soviet period. - in:

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