Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mercier & Neu-Thierstein Castles - Switzerland

Óscar keeps helping me with my castle collection. He already sent me a few swiss castle cards and these two are his last contribuitions. 

Edition Perrochet
 The Château Mercier occupies a superb position on Pradegg hill, above Sierre. It was built between 1906 and 1908 by the Mercier de Molin family, a well-known family of tanners from Lausanne.
A real architectural jewel of the Sierre region, ownership of the Château was transferred to the cantonal authorities in 1970, with a view to mixed use for cultural purposes and hospitality. - in:

Foto: Roland Gerth ©
Neu-Thierstein Castle is a ruined castle on a small rocky outcrop above the municipality of Büsserach in the canton of Solothurn. 
The castle was founded in 1100 and a new building was built around 1294/95. The castle was apparently built by the Saugern-Pfeffingen family. As heirs of the Saugern-Pfeffingen family, in the late 12th Century, the count of Thierstein took over the castle. 
By 1400 it was known as Thierstein Castle. The castle was occupied by the Canton of Solothurn in 1445, 1467 and 1499. After the extinction of the counts of Thierstein in 1522, Solothurn acquired the castle and made it the administrative center of the secular bailiwick of Thierstein. In 1798 the castle was sold for demolition. However, in the 19th Century, the destruction of the castle are stopped by private individuals who wanted to repair the ruins. - in: wikipedia

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