Friday, June 12, 2015

Copan - Honduras

The Maya Site of Copán is my 1st  and only UNESCO WHS from Honduras. It was classified in 1980. In 2013 Stefanie sent me my 1st card from this site and now, 2 weeks ago, Wilmer sent me 4 cards and 1 one them is from this site. 

Foto: Juan Bendeck
Copán is an archaeological site of the Maya civilization located in the Copán Department of western Honduras, not far from the border with Guatemala. It was the capital city of a major Classic period kingdom from the 5th to 9th centuries AD. 
The Copán site is known for a series of portrait stelae, most of which were placed along processional ways in the central plaza of the city and the adjoining acropolis, a large complex of overlapping step-pyramids, plazas, and palaces. 

Fotos: Juan Bendeck
The Copán buildings suffered significantly from forces of nature in the centuries between the site's abandonment and the rediscovery of the ruins. After the abandonment of the city the Copán River gradually changed course, with a meander destroying the eastern portion of the acropolis and apparently washing away various subsidiary architectural groups. - in: wikipedia

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