Friday, February 24, 2017

Kluane National Park - Canada

This beautiful card arrived from Canada last November and it was a new card for my UNESCO collection. It was sent by Jason.

Kluane National Park, plus neighbouring parks Tatshenshini in British Columbia and Wrangell-St. Elias and Glacier Bay in Alaska, make up a UNESCO World Heritage Site – the world's largest international protected area.

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The 22 000 square kilometre Kluane National Park is set like a jewel in the southwestern corner of the Yukon between northeastern British Columbia and the tidewaters of the Alaskan panhandle. Much of the park's 129 kilometre northern boundary is made up of the Alaska Highway and the Haines Road. The Alsek River, known for its big water rapids created by the tremendous volume of water it drains from the St. Elias Mountains, is so swift it appears that native people have entirely avoided using it for travel or trade routes. Lowell Glacier's immense and spectacular advances and retreats have periodically blocked the Alsek causing flooding that over the centuries has greatly affected the vegetation and wildlife in the low-lying valleys. - in:

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