Thursday, February 9, 2017

Namib Desert - Namibia

Two of my 3 cards from Namibia are from the Namib Desert, the only true desert in southern Africa. The 1st card was sent by Andrzej and the 2nd by Sandra. 

Mark Van Aardt Photography ©
The Namib is a coastal desert in southern Africa. According to the broadest definition, the Namib stretches for more than 2,000 kilometres (1,200 mi) along the Atlantic coasts of Angola, Namibia, and South Africa. 
Having endured arid or semi-arid conditions for roughly 55–80 million years, the Namib may be the oldest desert in the world and contains some of the world's driest regions.

Photo by Harald Mielke © ADMOS Verlags-AG
The desert geology consists of sand seas near the coast, while gravel plains and scattered mountain outcrops occur further inland. The sand dunes, some of which are 300 metres (980 ft) high and span 32 kilometres (20 mi) long, are the second largest in the world after the Badain Jaran Desert dunes in China.
The Namib is almost completely uninhabited by humans except for several small settlements and indigenous pastoral groups, including the Ovahimba and Obatjimba Herero in the north, and the Topnaar Nama in the central region. - in: wikipedia

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